Jade Starling is Homorotique

Atlanta-based queer artist seeking hunky muses and sexy opportunities!

Homorotique's Queer Photography Services

Event photography, private portrait photography, or head shots for actors or models, give us the chance to make you look fabulous.

Formal Studio Portraits

Making you only as beautiful as you really are... no I mean it!  You're beautiful dammit!
SILV in Kilt Young Jason, 1989 SILV in Yellow BP_mono  (135)s DSC00070s Jason (93)s DSC00070s Robert 11.01.24 Adam's 2nd Shoot Robert 11.01.24 Adam's 2nd Shoot Jason (137)s Jason (0)s DSC03298s Jason (219)s Jason (99)s BP_color_002s BP_mono  (70)s BP_color_012s BP_mono  (52)s BP_color_023s JohnBell01 DSC01320sbw DSC03298s

You may need the following guest pass to see the full Flickr gallery of my Formal Portrait Portfolio.

Personal Location Portraits

You are as beautiful as you favorite room, garden, or intimate setting!
SILV in Nothing DSC07669s Marilyn's a Drag DSC07255s jdhDrag002 DSC01062 (2)s

Event Photography

Perhaps your private party or event needs some promotion, or your band needs shots for your posters, online marketing, or business cards, let me get you some great images to get you started.
DSC03461s DSC01198s DSC03090s DSC06745s DSC07992s bw_002

Sports Photography

I love to capture great indoor and outdoor sporting events. From local softball teams to Penn State wrestling, back in the day, I have captured a lot of great action.
Atlanta Bodybuilding Swimmers 001 DSC00976s Atlanta Bodybuilding DSC00992s DSC01008s DSC01267s PSU Gymnastics

Personal Profile Photography

Sometimes you want a great headshot, physique photo, or pictures of the two of you in your best "garb", to spice up your social profiles.
Let us assist you with inspiration, lighting, and a great eye.
Jimmy03a 4_Untitled-1s Jason (154)ss IMG_6928s DSC03892s

Some of my friend's images are available at the highest quality on my Artist Website or below:

Some of my friend's images are also available as products from Zazzle or below: